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As a company that is primarily oriented towards professionals, all solutions had to be in line with that. Professional, simple, other words - German. However, with such defined values, things easily take on the appearance of being seen before. Here lies the biggest challenge of this project - to come up with the perfect solution for the client, but remain creative and distinctive.

About the client

Wurth is a synonym for top of the line products and extraordinary service. Their long-standing success is supported by special corporate philosophy and common values that define their everyday activities. Wurth Group cooperates with many institutes around the globe in order to meet various national and international standards.

Provided solutions

Web shop

Launching an online store for Wurth has brought a totally new dimension to business and a significant leap forward in results. Although it is a company that is primarily oriented towards professionals, the online store has expanded the market and put the company in a sweet spot.


Striking cover pages for different types of products in this mini catalog are one of the factors that immediately attract the maximum attention of the viewer and easily convert him into a potential customer.

Illustrations and visuals

Creation of Wurth channels on social networks was a complete hit. With a creative approach, traditional Wurth products got a chance to reach new customers, while old customers got a chance to get a better insight into some new products.


The benefits of the web shop are presented with an illustration on a small format brochure with very concise information with goal to convert traditional customers to online customers as easily as possible.

Style guide

The Visual Identity was made for website needs. It contains font and color implementation as well as buttons on different backgrounds.

Web site for CNC lasers

Following Wurth's brand identity, the offer of CNC lasers and machines was presented through several sections where all the benefits necessary for product introduction were presented. Particularly interesting is the moving marker on the screen that represents the X and Y axis with a red circle inspired by the CNC laser head.

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