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We have been working with Athletic’s Gym for over 11 years now. From 2015 and onward we have been providing them with complete digital service which includes: developing and maintaining the website, communication and strategy on social networks, graphic design, SEO, online campaigns and creating photo and video material.

About the client

Athletic’s Gym is a fitness club established in 1996 with four clubs in Belgrade which makes it the biggest fitness chain in Serbia. Our cooperation goes back till 2010.

Provided solutions

Visual identity

A gym in which half of Belgrade shapes their bodies gave us a chance to shape their logo and complete visual identity.

Responsive webpage

No wonder folks from Athletic’s Gym chose our agency to create their website. They are the biggest chain of fitness centers in Serbia, they use top-notch equipment and have most professional instructors so it’s obvious that their website needs to be on the same level their business is.

Marketing on social networks

We have freedom and privilege to represent biggest chain of fitness centers in Serbia on social networks where we show our imagination and creativity and also skill of running internet campaigns.

Photo & Video

All of the above-mentioned imagination, creativity, and knowledge is much easier to present when you create photos and videos on your own. We used that opportunity to come up with additional creative ideas and thus testimonials, professional trainer advice, gym equipment get-to-know and ASMR videos were created

T-shirts for gym members and instructors

T-shirt design is one of favorite tasks of our creative team. From our stand point it's mandatory for t-shirts to be applicable for everyday use whether they are designed for trainers or practitioners and that is something we managed to accomplish.

Bussines cards and letterhads

Some graphic products are eternal despite continuous advancement of technology. It is our job to make them look modern no matter what their form is.

Flyers and leaflets

Athletic's Gym prints their flyers and leaflets on regular basis for their promotional contents. As an agency completely servicing Athletic's Gym for graphic solutions, we provided many solutions - all consistent in design language.

Posters and memberhip cards

Since enrolling in our first video rental store we have been sharing an emotional bond with membership cards. We know very well how it feels to be a part of a club, and if you get a neat card for your membership, you will surely seek a special spot for it in your wallet.

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