"Good design requires you to solve problems in most creative way possible within strictest rules."

Boris Videnov

Graphic designer

Logo from ground-up

With over 150 logos designed for clients from all around the world our designers are capable of converting your company into a brand that invokes trust based on is professional appearance.

We present out customers with multiple design prepositions with limitless iterations in vector format starting from blank paper. We are using top global brands as an inspirations.

All of our design proposals are delivered in a form of mockup so that the client could have perception of how would the logo look when printed.

Visual identity

Our package of visual identity alongside logo includes much wider gamut of products aimed at (re)branding of one company.

We define how your logo should be used on multiple surfaces in multiple dimensions and proportions and colors within our visual identity standard. Visual identity standard also defines colors of your brand (primary and secondary) as well as complete typography (fonts).

Brand Guidelines

Brand identity style guidelines as the biggest instance of visual presence of one company is something that we can create.

By consulting with the client we define the design of comple gamut of graphic products, we design custom font and define strict rules of how branding should be used.

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