"Assumption is the greatest evil. It will run you into debt if you follow it unless you let your worries be handled by someone who already solved them."

Nikola Pantović

CEO and founder

KPI definition & analysis

With vast 10 year long experience with Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools as with experience gathered from numerous project we have worked on we have gathered valuable knowledge that we are ready to share with you.

Given the fact that our daily routine consist of working with design, code, customers, and various metrics and campaigns we have great experience that could save you huge amounts of time and money.

We will analyze your data and key metrics and consult you on how to understand them and turn them into your advantage.

UX review

Due to the fact that design, program and manage websites ourselves we know every user habit. We can offer valuable advice in situations when bounce rate rises or when average session duration drops.

With our advice you will improve user experience of your website thus improving conversion rate of turning your visitors into users of your product.

Feasibility study

Before you sail into waters of web entrepreneurship let us help you create your strategy and help you determine feasibility of your project.

We will provide you with solutions you need to incorporate into your business plan and knowledge you need in order to make profit online.

Our evaluation will make sure that your projects start and run smoothly focusing on growth and product itself.

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