"If we are still satisfied with the design we created a month ago that is a clear sign that we are not improving."

Marko Tešić

Web designer

Made from scratch

Thing that sets us apart is the fact that we don’t use pre made layouts but that we create our designs from scratch which gives us ability to fulfil any request you make both form technical and design point.

We find our inspiration in world’s latest leading projects which makes us early adopters of latest global trends in web and graphic design.

We don’t limit our clients to certain number of design proposals because given our previous experience we know that our design will be adopted after first few propositions.

Guaranteed UX improvement

Metrics that show our design success are longer time user spends browsing your website, raised number of pages per single session and lowered bounce rate, which are all measurable with Google Analytics app.

Main virtue that justifies every spent penny for our design is higher effectiveness when running paid internet marketing campaigns.


We create our design in ideal conditions using state of the art equipment and technologies with highly compatible people in an inspiring environment. Results are more than obvious, every pixel is in its place, every detail symmetric and every color perfectly chosen and adjusted.

We double check our pre-press with an eye of a professional and check our website with an eye of a demanding user.

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