"Ordinary graphic products just aren’t challenging enough for us and the only way to improve is to challenge yourself every day."

Marko Pejić

Print director

Bringing design to life

Alongside Design our company creates printing solutions on a turnkey bases.

With us you can roundup the whole cycle of creating new identity for your company all at one place.

Our designers aren’t ordinary designers but also print technologists who have extensive knowledge in capabilities of every design technique, packaging and preparation and consequently are capable of creating solutions which alongside great design are practical and have great use value.

Our specialty are premium products made by using special printing techniques.


Our clients are companies which don’t leave things to be left at chance but want to be sure in realization of complete graphic product form design sketch to printed and delivered product.

For complex prints like packaging or promo material we undergo a procedure of creating a prototype so that our client could see how the product will look like at the end of production.

Quality assurance

In order to successfully complete one graphic product one must levitate between multiple entities: paper supply, shops for making embossing dies, printing shops, shops for special techniques, logistics, quality control etc.

Concept of our service is that you forget about all those things and let us be responsible and handle printing process with us controlling the quality of printed sheet.

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