"Many people think that programming is boring but they don’t know how it feels when you materialize an idea trough a string of code."

Saša Milojević

Senior developer

Mobile first

We have been creating responsive design and optimized websites for mobile devices since 2013 when that trend started emerging.

Today you couldn’t imagine a website not having responsive code given the fact that the number of mobile device users have surpassed the number of desktop users a long time ago. Our websites are designed from ground up to be scalable to mobile devices.

We design and test our websites in three or four sizes for cell phones, tablets, laptops and desktops.

Custom CMS

We are building systems for arranging web site content (admin panel i.e. CMS) from scratch specifically for your website. Our system is based on open source framework (Codeigniter) which means that you don’t depend on us if you wish to do further upgrading and development. Our system is very intuitive and very easy to use.

You can estimate quality of our programmers work by noticing very short time it takes to load your web page, without any errors or bugs with minimal code length.

Program code is validated and tested for every modern web browser.

Limitless Possibilities

Our team is composed of programmers with senior developer level of skill. Constant development of advanced websites provides us with enough knowledge to be able to implement most sophisticated modern solutions into every new project

We are proud of the fact that there are no technical boundaries in project feasibility and that we can create any kind of functionality.

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