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Redesign of the first and largest online tire store in Serbia

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With an offer of over 6000 tire models, it was necessary to create solutions that are simple, intuitive, and lead to search results with as few clicks as possible.

About the client

Internet Prodaja Guma represents another project in the field of automobiles of the Infostud group - one of the largest Internet companies in Serbia. The site has been owned by the Infostud Group since 2011 and has become the leader in online sales of tires with a respectable share of the entire tire market in Serbia.

Provided solutions


The complex tire search engine is divided into 6 tabs by category, which are further divided into seasons, leading to drop-down menus with tire sizes and the most common size combinations offered for a faster search. A clearer view of each card is obtained thanks to icons and different colors that show a lot of necessary information for each product.

Visuals and illustrations

A large number of clicks and increased sales were achieved thanks to attractive illustrations combined with striking advertising sentences on banners that were placed on social networks and sites such as polovniautomobili.com.

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