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AutoHUB is an ambitious project of the Infostud Group, conceived as the largest e-shop for auto parts in Serbia. It was launched in 2020, when the original design had many shortcomings such as difficult navigation to the desired auto part, confusing user interface, unconvincing image and slow loading. The mentioned shortcomings resulted in a bad user experience, which was reflected in the short time spent on the site and the catastrophic bounce level from a landing page. In 2021, the MIDA agency was entrusted with the responsible task of thoroughly redesigning the website with a focus on improving the user experience, image and sales.

About the client

AutoHUB represents one of the many projects of the Infostud Group - one of the largest Internet companies in Serbia. Infostud Group's extensive experience in the field of automobiles was gained with the websites, and, and served to lay a sound foundation for the development of the auto parts store. Behind the AutoHUB project stands a serious team of experts in the field of sales, with vast experience in the auto industry and digital marketing. With the launch of the site, high standards were set in terms of customer support, product range, delivery as well as favorable purchase conditions.

Provided solutions

Web site

In order to achieve better sales results, the redesign of the site implied the fulfillment of high requirements in terms of user experience. Thanks to the intuitive design, according to the report of the market research agency, AutoHUB received a very positive rating for improving the user experience.

Web site on mobile devices

As with the desktop version, the biggest challenge on the mobile version was the display of over 30 categories of car parts, which in this case was solved using a pop-up modal. Vehicle selection was also a very important subject in both versions of the web site, which was solved with the simplest possible selection with the minimum number of clicks.

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